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Nearer than Heaven

You know what's fun? Playing "Jeopardy!" on your Playstation. By yourself. Against unnaturally smart computer competitors. With categories like: 'Heraldry', 'Supreme Court Justices', and my absolute favorite - 'The 9th Century'. Because I mean, c'mon, we all know the 9th century was such a great time in history.. Charlemagne was all like, "Oooh, look at me, I'm Charlemagne!"

Needless to say I'm a sore loser. :-)

Domesticity. I'm living with jonwes! We're together for good! It gets a little more real each day. Yesterday we browsed paint samples at Lowes. Last night featured the first joint-grocery-shopping experience. It's been great just relaxing, enjoying each other's company. Plus, the poor boy has been sick, so I've been trying to keep him well. (his nose in need deserved Puffs, indeed.. which I bought him at Wal-Mart last night..)

I'm slightly concerned about my new job. But, I've only put 2 days in there so far, so it's early to be too judgemental. My first impressions are that I'll have a difficult time fitting in there. The techs I've met seem distant and not entirely friendly. Everyone is sports-minded. I just don't know how much I have in common with any of them. I'm trying to remind myself that I felt similarly when I started at Walgreens, though. And that definitely changed as time went by. So, we'll see. The coming week should give a better idea of how things will go.

I saw a couple great movies a few weeks ago. One is called "Mean Creek", about a group of kids who get revenge on a bully. It's a really solid film - confident in its story, actors, and direction. Halfway through the film, I realized that, wow, I've been watching these child-actors the whole time. Their acting is so natural, believable, and mature that you forget about their youth.. Surprisingly, my mother saw this film before I did. She said it had a "tough ending", and I think that pretty much nails it. Very good film.

And directly after that, I watched another movie called "Virgin", about a girl who is date-raped, remembers nothing of the encounter, and later believes God has come to her saying she'll carry the next Christ-child. Lo and behold, she later finds herself pregnant, with no recollection of ever having sex. Shocking tragedy ensues.. I walked away from this film numb, not sure if I enjoyed it or not. I saw the main character as a purely tragic figure - (Emily Watson in "Breaking the Waves", Nicole Kidman in "Dogville", Bjork in "Dancer in the Dark") - but later went back and watched an insightful interview with the writer/director. It definitely deepened my appreciation of the film..

Ahhh, Sunday.. Time to relax some more, methinks.. :-)

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