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Nightly round-up

1.) I'm not loving Maria Taylor's new cd. This is a pretty crushing thing to admit, because I'm such a fan.. Her voice - once tender, whispered, lilting - has become stronger, more confident.. and somehow, more bland. I'm still going to give it some time, but it just doesn't sparkle the way her debut did. However, check out this one stunning track: Maria Taylor: "Clean Getaway"

2.) Laurie Anderson's website has been totally redesigned with lots of exciting news!! An upcoming DVD film/video box-set (including "Home of the Brave") - a new album in early 2008 - a re-release of "Big Science" with bonus tracks, liner notes, rarities.. *bliss!*

3.) "Drawing Restraint 9" finished downloading yesterday. It's gorgeous! And the sound quality is amazing. I'm so thankful it found its way online, since Barney will probably never release the thing on dvd.

4.) Tonight's episode of "Lost" was good, but the commercials promised that "3 of the biggest mysteries will be revealed!" It's pretty sad that Jon, Laura, Jason and I were all sitting around afterwards trying to figure out which mysteries were revealed.. pretty lame.. I feel like the show doesn't know where it's going, and they're just making it up as they go along, and don't want to commit to anything. *pulls hair*

5.) The snow is melting!! I think the final total for our town was around 13.5 inches. It was really bad.. thankfully the slightly warmer weather is starting to melt it!

I'm ready for bed. 4 hours of tv-watching takes its toll! (2 hours of American Idol, 1 hour of Lost, 1 hour of Top Design) Ugh..

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