Paul (lasherboy) wrote,

Get your meme on

from the sweet_pickles:

Please fill this out and comment with your answers. If you like, post it on your own journal, and watch it spread.

Place of Birth:
Reason for LJ username?:
Do you enjoy reading my LJ?
Why or why not?
Interesting fact about you:
Weird fact about you:

Name: Paul

Age: 23

Place of Birth: Spring Valley, Illinois

Reason for LJ username?: fascination with Anne Rice's character Lasher from her 'Witching Hour' series.. and the S&M connotation doesn't bother me, either. :)

Do you enjoy reading my LJ? My own? Sometimes!

Why or why not? Because I'm sometimes clever, if I may be so egoistic.

Interesting fact about you: I have a metal plate in my left arm, from a severe car crash when I was 16. And thus, a large scar. :)

Weird fact about you: Sometimes I watch 'Martha Stewart Living' and get inspired.

Quote: "Ethics is the esthetics of the future." -Laurie Anderson

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