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12 December 1980
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"That long, long memory of a dream..
..that, perhaps, was the memory of my soul."


These are the musings of a 27 year old gay guy living in the midwest. His daily adventures, pleasures, and dreams.

Most entries are now friends-only, as I like to know who is reading about my life - regardless of how banal the material may be. I'm always open to meeting new friends, so feel free to add me if you desire!

10000 maniacs, aimee mann, air, alexander payne, american gothic, amy sedaris, amélie, andy goldsworthy, angels in america, ani difranco, anne rice, annika bentley, arc the lad, arrested development, azure ray, before sunset, belle & sebastian, belly, beth lisick, bjork, bondage, border collies, carnivale, casey stratton, chicago, chris ware, cocteau twins, courtney love, cremaster, cremaster cycle, daddy bears, dale chihuly, dancer in the dark, daniel clowes, david letterman, david lynch, david sedaris, dawn landes, dogville, donna lewis, enigma, enya, eraserhead, faith & disease, family guy, final fantasy, frou frou, futurama, gabriela kulka, gay bears, gay rights, gayness, ghost world, golden retreivers, heather matarazzo, hem, homosexuality, house of leaves, i heart huckabees, imperial teen, independent films, j.m. coetzee, jewel, jock straps, jon brion, judge judy, juliana hatfield, laura dern, laura veirs, laurie anderson, liz phair, lost in translation, lunar: eternal blue, lunar: the silver star, magnolia, margaret cho, mark z. danielewski, matthew barney, merril bainbridge, mia doi todd, mulholland drive, my so-called life, natalie merchant, neil gaiman, nellie mckay, nico, norah jones, northfork, p.t. anderson, painting, patty griffin, personal velocity, photography, poe, poppy z. brite, pottery, projekt, qntal, queer as folk, queer eye, rasputina, requiem for a dream, richard linklater, robert verdi, roseanne, rpgs, rufus wainwright, run lola run, sara gilbert, sarah brightman, sarah harmer, seattle, seinfeld, sigur ros, silent hill, six feet under, spike jonze, square-enix, stoa, strangers with candy, survivor, tanya donelly, that dog, the amazing race, the apprentice, the coen brothers, the cremaster cycle, the daily show, the decalogue, the fab five, the nonsensical, the polish brothers, the sandman, the simpsons, the sugarcubes, the sundays, the virgin suicides, til tuesday, todd solondz, tori amos, trading spaces, trespassers william, twin peaks, vienna teng, waking life, whips, winged migration, working designs, xenogears, xenosaga