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Winding down..

After picking Jon up from work, we stopped by Jimmy John's for some cheap food. The 3 guys working were pretty cute, but surprisingly unfriendly.. at least, until we left. As we walked out the door the 3 of them couldn't say enough!

"Bye guys!"
"See ya!"
"Thanks guys!"
"Have a good day!"

It was a little strange. I think they were sincere. It's probably just a case of straight-boy awkwardness of manners and etiquette. :-)

And yes, we watched "Big Brother 6". But yum_yum23 likes it too, and he's a man of taste, so you can't make fun of me too much. Only 2 episodes in, and already so fun and addicting!

I took a short bath, which was nice and relaxing. While soaking, I looked over the ridiculous amount of paperwork that idiotic advisor sent me home with. I'm still pissed at him. Why do I have the worst luck when it comes to academic advisors? I know they try to be helpful, but they get WAY too preachy, bossy, and full of themselves. He told me if I go over 90 credit hours it will be very difficult to transfer anywhere, because they scrutinize your transcripts if you have lots of credit hours. Well, I'm at 75, so I can afford only a few more. He said even if I get A's in a semester's worth of classes, it wouldn't be enough to bring my GPA up to where I'd be a good candidate for U of I.

Anyways, the next thing I know, he's trying to sell me on Eastern Illinois University. Wait, what?! Hello? Argh..

"..So, what questions do you have for me?", he asks, after talking at me for over an hour - basically telling me my GPA was crap, that I've taken too many electives, and that instead of going here, I should go there instead. And you know what? I couldn't think of any questions. Other than, "Wait, uh, since when did YOU start deciding where I'll go to college? And did anyone tell you what a great motivational speaker you are?" Instead, I was a power bottom and told him "Not that I can think of. Thank you for your time and help," and left. Tomorrow I'm going to register for classes, and go about my future on my own terms. The only thing I needed from that man was for him to remove the block from my account, allowing me to register. (which he eventually did!)

Final thoughts? This song makes me want to go to the prom wearing a fabulous hoop skirt. It would be lime-green.. and Angela Chase and I would slow-dance in a gymnasium not unlike the one in the Halloween episode of 'My so-called Life'. A boy can dream, can't he?**
Camera Obscura: "A Sister's Social Agony"


**unless boy is meeting with an academic advisor, in which case his dreams will be shattered and he shall have no dreams, ever!
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