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You bet your life it is..

I just have to put a plug out there for Tori Amos' new "Tales of a Librarian", which I was smart enough to pick up yesterday. Get thee to Best Buy and take advantage of the amazing $11.99 sale price. You get an unbelievable amount of bang for your buck. 78 minutes of Tori's 'best' tracks, 20 in all including 4 reworked b-sides. The remastering (and possible re-recording of vocals?) on some of the songs is just wonderful - giving the songs a subtle new life for Tori fans, as well as helping the songs blend together, I think. The bonus dvd is more fulfilling than the "Scarlet's Walk" dvd - 3 live performances (from her sound-check), photo montages, lyrics.. Very nice extra! This is an excellent place to be introduced to Tori's music if you've been missing out. :)

Okay, now I feel better. Back to singing with a furrowed brow and a tear in the eye. :)

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