Paul (lasherboy) wrote,


Guess who's going to see Rufus Wainwright in February?!?

Wheeeeeeeee! :)
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aw! that's awesome! where?
Chicago, at the Riviera! Ever been there? Are you a Rufus fan?!?

im so jealous!!

i saw him at a barnes & noble when i was in nyc, right when his new cd came out, and it was stunning. id love to see him in a bigger venue at some point.

what kind of seats did you wind up getting?
*big smile!*

It's general admission, actually. I'm not too crazy about that aspect. However, I did have in my grasp one ticket to the Milwaukee show: orchestra pit, row AA, seat 1. How amazing it would have been! But, it was just one ticket, and I had 5 minutes to decide before the ticket went back to the pool, and and and - I just didn't have the guts to do it alone. :-/

If I was going to the Chicago one alone (or, with some other die-hard Rufus fans) it would be no sweat. Just show up an hour and a half early, get right in front, and stand forever waiting for the show to start.. (like me and sunfair did for Liz Phair last summer) But Mark is no huge Rufus fan, so I doubt he'll want to do that. At least I'll be somewhere in the same room as him, though!

A B&N show! How neat! Big turnout?

Don't you love 'Want One'? Can't wait for 'Want Two'!