Paul (lasherboy) wrote,

This map suits me better..

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ohmygosh, youve never been to massachusetts!

egads! youve never even been to new england!?

we will have to fix that someday!!
Yes, help me, HELP ME! *deprived* :)

We'd like to hit the east coast at least once more before we (someday) move out west.. I'd love to see Maine and Massachusetts and such. :)
Yeah, you should. :) I'm not sure how Boston compares with other cities you've been to, but it's worth visiting anyway. :) Are you a fan of Stephen King? If so, (and even if you're not, hehe) you should visit Maine. My aunt used to live near Bangor, where he lives, and said even his house is scary. Never saw it myself, too bad.
Once upon a time, Mark and I had Natalie Merchant tickets for her Boston show.. but we ended up getting much better tickets (second row orchestra pit) for the St. Louis show, so we ended up not going to Boston. I'd still love to visit though!

*laughs* I think I heard Stephen King say once that his house is actually haunted. :) What a freak. Gotta love him!
yes, you must! hey i will show you around new england anytime, my dear.

*new englands biggest cheerleader*
is there a reason you drew this line in the midwest? :)
*laughs* Well, I can bring myself to cross the Mississippi River, but not much further beyond that!! :)